Flea and Tick Removal

Flea and Tick

Fleas and ticks are nearly impossible to remove from your property once they’ve gotten inside, partly due to how rapidly they multiply. Not only do flea and tick bites cause skin infections and severe itchiness, but both also carry harmful diseases which they can easily spread to your pets and loved ones through bites. Green Pest Control Solutions of Tampa Bay will do a thorough inspection of your home and safely eliminate these harmful insects from your property.

The female flea is capable of spawning over 600 young throughout the course of her life, which happens to be incredibly limited at only 12 days depending on the conditions. 19 of the 200+ species found throughout the United States have been specifically found in Florida, some of which include: Ctenocephalises Felis (Cat Fleas), Ctenocephalides Canis (Dog Fleas), Echidnophaga Gallinacean (Sticktight Fleas), and Pulex Irritans (Human Fleas).

Female ticks can lay several thousand eggs at a time, making these insects rather challenging to get rid of by yourself. The most common disease carried by ticks is Lyme Disease. Some of these species names are: The Brown Dog Tick, The American Dog Tick, The Lone Star Tick, The Gulf Coast Tick, and The Black-Legged Tick. Symptoms of the disease include; Fever, Blotchy Rash, Headache, Vomiting, Fatigue, and Painful Muscle Aches.

Depending on the disease contracted and the individual reaction, it can take as long as several weeks before any symptoms even begin to appear. A number of these diseases they carry can cause serious, sometimes life threatening, health complications. Keep your pets and family protected by inquiring about our affordable services we offer, and begin to take your home back from these flea and ticks today!