Spider Removal

Spider Removal

Spiders are arguably one of the creepiest, repulsive insects we’re faced with on a regular basis. They hide in the shadows constructing their nests and reproduce quite quickly, spawning hundreds of tiny offspring that will also infest your home. Green Pest Control Solutions of Tampa Bay will find the nest(s) and eliminate the source of the problem.

In Florida, two types of venomous spider are the Widow Spider and Reclusive Spider. Species of the widow spider include: The Southern Black Widow, The Northern Black Widow, The Red Widow, and The Brown Widow. Species of the reclusive spider are the Brown Reclusive and Chilean Reclusive.

If ever bitten by a venomous spider, symptoms can range anywhere from mild to moderate, or even severe depending on the individual reaction. Minor symptoms of venom in your system comprise of Swelling, Itching/Burning, and Numbness/Tingling.

Moderate symptoms could become serious if not treated properly and include: Intense Pain (Surrounding Wound), Stiffness/Joint Pain, Muscle Spasms, Abdominal Pain, Vomiting, Nausea, Fever, Chills, Difficulty Breathing/Swallowing, Ulcerated Wound, Dizziness, Impaired Speech, and Convulsions.

Severe allergic reactions are life-threatening and you should seek medical attention immediately if you develop symptoms such as Rapid Swelling (Lips, Tongue, Throat, Eyes), Difficulty Breathing, Wheezing, Severe Cramping, Dizziness, Severe Itching, Rash/Hives, Severe Numbness, or Loss of Consciousness.

When it comes to the illusive spider, it’s never too late to locate the infestation and stop them from ruining your dwelling or business. Not only can they be harmful to your friends and family, but they also pose a threat to pets as well. Contact us today to find out which one of our services is right for you!